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来源:http://www.jinandayatang.com 发布时间:2021-07-28

Calligraphy and painting, whether vertical axis, screen, couplet, scroll, album, fan and bucket square, basically belong to two kinds of paper products and silk products. Because they all contain fiber, they are hygroscopic. The paste used for mounting calligraphy and painting contains protein and sugar, which is the food for the survival of bark beetles.
If a calligraphy and painting is not carefully kept, it is easy to suffer from all kinds of erosion, resulting in damage and deterioration. In all walks of life in China, in order to ensure everyone's industrial interests and balance the rights and interests of calligraphy and painting purchasers, there is basically a default rule. People emphasize collective interests all day, but there are still their own rules in the celebrity calligraphy and painting purchasing circle. Every word and every action can explain the depth and Taoism of the industry, Share the rules of celebrity calligraphy and painting acquisition:
1、 In fact, the ancestor of the antique industry is Fan Li. In the early stage, he proposed that grain and cloth were very profitable, traditional Chinese medicine pawnshops were 100% profitable, and antique calligraphy and painting were 1000% profitable.
2、 It means that a person can only collect, but does not play the due role of calligraphy and painting. Then he is not rich. Only those who can distinguish the value of antiques are rich. He has great collection knowledge. Don't hurt his mind.
3、 Cultural relics and antiques are a national cultural tradition. The so-called 72 traditional lines are big antiques, because this line pays attention to eyesight, knowledge, rights and so on. If you do nothing, you will suffer a loss by paying tuition fees, and if you return to find a back account, you will be playing hooligans.
All collected calligraphy and paintings shall be placed in closed boxes, cabinets and cabinets, so that calligraphy and paintings can have a stable limited space and avoid direct erosion and pollution. But this is not to say that once it is put in, everything will be fine, because it will still be eroded. Being eaten by insects is a common destruction phenomenon. Around May every year, with the increase of temperature, bark beetles also reproduce in large numbers. The method of prevention can be treated with camphor pills or camphor concentrate produced in Shanghai. When in use, camphor can be placed around calligraphy and painting. This medicine is put twice a year in stages, once from March to April and twice from October to November, so that the insect control effect is better.
Dust is also one of the great enemies of calligraphy and painting. Calligraphy and paintings hung on the wall or stored in boxes and cabinets will also be affected by dust. When small dust is stained on the surface of calligraphy and paintings and meets a certain humidity, it will become unclean small particles. When the water of small particles evaporates, it will leave yellow spots on the picture.
In addition, we should also pay attention to the protection of calligraphy and painting. When appreciating and watching, do not touch the picture with your fingers, but also avoid saliva contamination. When unfolding and winding, do not break the picture and leave creases. When collecting, taking, rolling and hanging calligraphy and paintings, you must be extra careful and move gently.