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The Three Elements of Learning Celebrity Calligraphy and Painting

纸和搪瓷的识别是在纸和搪瓷上进行的。 life的寿命通常约为100年,而纸的寿命约为1000年。 当然,由于地下埋葬环境的不同,出土文物中的纸筐可能仍会超过千年。 例如,在金唐之前,就已经编织了单丝,直到宋代才发现了双丝的绉纹,这种绉纹比元和明朝的要细。 根据质量类别,您可以确定书画的年龄。 纸上也有时代的痕迹。 隋唐以前,纸以大麻为原料,纤维含量较高,纸质也不佳。 隋唐以后,树皮被用于造纸,其纸张质量比以前更好。 北宋中期以后,造纸材料多样化,并提出了论文。 多元化。 实际上,民间收藏的书画只出现在明清末期。 这是因为纸张和搪瓷本身很难保存数百年。 再加上伪造者的困惑,有人认为古代书法的相当一部分是鱼。 名人书画习得的三个主要要素:

The identification of paper and enamel is carried out on paper and enamel. The lifespan of life is usually about 100 years, while the lifespan of paper is about 1000 years. Of course, due to differences in underground burial environments, the paper baskets in unearthed cultural relics may still exceed a thousand years old. For example, before the Jin and Tang dynasties, single silk had already been woven, and it was not until the Song dynasty that double silk wrinkles were discovered, which were finer than those of the Yuan and Ming dynasties. Based on the quality category, you can determine the age of the calligraphy and painting. There are also traces of the times on paper. Before the Sui and Tang dynasties, paper was made from hemp as raw material, with a high fiber content and poor paper quality. After the Sui and Tang dynasties, bark was used for papermaking, and the quality of the paper was better than before. After the mid Northern Song Dynasty, papermaking materials became diversified and papers were proposed. Diversification. In fact, folk collections of calligraphy and painting only appeared in the late Ming and Qing dynasties. This is because paper and enamel themselves are difficult to preserve for hundreds of years. In addition to the confusion of the forgers, some people believe that a considerable part of ancient calligraphy is fish. The three main elements of celebrity calligraphy and painting acquisition:



1、 Installation identification

每个时代都有自己的特点。 例如,在元代,藏画的收藏是由一个特殊的人选择的。 大德四年间,“古代玉象牙成为轴心,桉树金碧继续被安装”。 在明代,画作在画卷中加入了铅,有些还写在了线上。 垂直轴有宽和窄的一面,有些还增加了诗歌。 清代宫廷绘画的材料和技术形式都比明代更好。

Each era has its own characteristics. For example, in the Yuan Dynasty, the collection of Tibetan paintings was chosen by a special person. During the four years of Dade, ancient jade ivory became the axis, and eucalyptus trees and emerald continued to be installed. In the Ming Dynasty, lead was added to paintings, and some were even written online. The vertical axis has both wide and narrow sides, and some even add poetry. The materials and technical forms of palace painting in the Qing Dynasty were better than those in the Ming Dynasty.


2、 Seal recognition

宋代的许多歌舞作品未加盖印章,有些盖有青铜和玉印章,并且印章上印有致密的印章和水上的樱花。 封印由木头,象牙,铜,玉等制成。版画为模版和樱花代。 使用了石印。 明代的石印章很常见,雕刻方法使用“锤头式”。 清代油樱所使用的印章大多为印章形状,其字体和字体也多种多样。 油墨颜色是油性的。 绘画中衣服和生活用具的标识冠在不同的年龄通常会有所不同,并且生活用具也有所不同,可以被识别。

Many song and dance works of the Song Dynasty were not stamped, some were stamped with bronze and jade seals, and the seals were printed with dense seals and cherry blossoms on the water. Seals are made of wood, ivory, copper, jade, etc. Printmaking is a template and cherry blossom representation. Stone seals were used. The stone seals of the Ming Dynasty were very common, and the carving method used was "hammer head style". The seals used by the Qing Dynasty oil cherry blossoms were mostly in the shape of seals, and their fonts were also diverse. The ink color is oily. The identification crown of clothes and household utensils in painting usually varies at different ages, and household utensils also vary and can be recognized.


3、 Professional title appraisal

这些问题分为三类:作者的头衔,当代的问题和后代的问题。 标题是增加书画的价值。 但是,通常会出现带有错误问题的真实绘画或带有真实问题的伪造绘画,应仔细识别。 特别是,**艺术家更容易被假书法题字吸引。

These issues can be divided into three categories: author titles, contemporary issues, and future issues. The title is to increase the value of calligraphy and painting. However, genuine paintings with incorrect issues or forged paintings with genuine issues often appear and should be carefully identified. Especially, * * artists are more easily attracted to fake calligraphy inscriptions.

今天的书法作品可以分为两种,一种是行业,一种是书法家的作品;另一种是书法作品。 一个是外行,不是的书法家,纯粹是书法爱好者。

Today's calligraphy works can be divided into two types: one is from the industry, and the other is from professional calligraphers; Another type is calligraphy works. One is a layman, not a professional calligrapher, purely a calligraphy enthusiast.


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