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In this historical stage, the Chinese painting world can be described as a gathering of wind and cloud and bright stars, resulting in many epoch-making art giants, such as Wu Changshuo, Qi Baishi, Xu Beihong and Huang Binhong, and later Li Keran, Li kuchan and Wang Xuetao. Together, their artistic achievements are comparable to any peak in history.
Specifically speaking of collecting calligraphy and painting works of a period, I have the following suggestions for your reference.
Buy what you like
Collection pays attention to fate, and fate not only refers to opportunity, but also interest, but also mood. If we simply regard collection as the appreciation of money, the charming fun contained in art collection will be greatly reduced over time. A good friend of mine once went to see an auction preview with me. As soon as he entered the exhibition hall, he saw a very important work in the "youth gone" series painted by Yin Chaoyang in 1999. He immediately shouted, "isn't this painting us?" he photographed the work without hesitation. Such a collection not only meets his spiritual needs, but also gives him a good economic return.
For real collectors, no collection is not painstaking. Another good friend of mine saw a painting of master Qi Baishi's "happy eyebrows" at the auction in 2002. Three years later, when he accidentally saw the painting again in a gallery in a small city, he immediately had a heartbeat. But when he raised enough funds and went to the gallery a week later, the painting had already been sold. In order to find the whereabouts of the painting, he spent nearly a year and finally achieved his wish.
Is valuable for collection. For example, as we all know, Zhou Sicong is a teacher of many famous contemporary painters and one of the great female painters of the last century. The few lotus works she created before her death are recognized as the peak of her artistic achievements. A few years ago, a collector spent nearly 300000 yuan to collect one of the lotus works, far exceeding the market price of about 100000 yuan at that time. But experts know that such works have room for appreciation.
It's within reach
Collections are regional. Artists' works will show different faces because of their different regions of growth and life, which is what we often call style and genre. For us, we should try our best to choose artists close to us. For example, if we live in the north, we should try our best to collect the works of painters of the "Beijing Tianjin painting school", because these painters live in Yanzhao earth, and many good works remain here. When you go to the Qi Baishi Memorial Hall of the North painting academy, you can see the real traces of Qi Baishi, and you can easily get a direct feeling of the painter and paintings.