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The auxiliary basis for identification of calligraphy and painting is only relative to the main basis. It includes title, postscript, seal, paper and silk, mounting, description, etc. Calling them auxiliary basis means that even if these contents are all true, they can only be used as auxiliary materials, because only when a painting and calligraphy work itself is true, these materials can be valuable. If the subject can not stand up, no matter how correct the auxiliary materials are, the work can never be regarded as true.
Title payment.
Title money, also known as identity, refers to the name and name of the author, creation date, drawing place and other contents on the calligraphy and painting works. Identifying these famous inscriptions by the author can identify the style reflected in his calligraphy itself.
Preface and postscript.
Inscriptions and postscripts refer to the inscriptions written by people at the same time or later generations. They include the inscriptions in the calligraphy and painting works, or in the heaven and earth, tail and so on. What we should pay attention to is that we should not only identify the authenticity of the calligraphy itself, but also verify the relationship between the author and the author of the inscription and postscript and the reliability of the content of the inscription and postscript itself.
Seals include those of calligraphers and painters and those of collectors. From the content point of view, it includes name, shop name, Zhai name, idle text and so on. From the content, font and the way of sealing, we can see the characteristics of some times and personalities, and can distinguish the authenticity from the quality and color of the printing.
Paper silk.
Paper silk is a unique carrier of Chinese painting and calligraphy, and a symbol of the development of Chinese culture. From the development of paper and silk in different periods, it provides a certain auxiliary basis for the identification of calligraphy and painting. For example, the hemp paper of the Tang Dynasty, the chengxintang paper of the Five Dynasties, and the powder paper and wax paper of the Northern Song Dynasty. It should be noted that each calligrapher and painter has his own different hobbies and habits in using paper and silk, which provides a certain reference value for identifying the works of different calligraphers and painters.


Mounting is a unique style of Chinese painting and calligraphy. The auspicious forms of mounting include vertical scroll, scroll, nave, album, screen strip, etc. However, from the perspective of the existing calligraphy and painting works, it is rare to retain the original old mounting. It was a kind of "Yihezhuang" in the Northern Song Dynasty very early. For example, the mounting style of "foreword" in the scroll was only available in the Ming Dynasty, and the "poem hall" also appeared at this time. It should be noted that there is a false mounting technique of "golden cicada peeling off its shell", that is, the original old mounting is retained, and the original calligraphy and painting itself is replaced by a fake copy and embedded without leaving any trace.
Calligraphy and painting appraisal and evaluation remind that description is to sort out the collected or passed calligraphic and painting works and record them in words. If such words are edited into a book and published, they are called calligraphic and painting description books. Such books undoubtedly have certain reference value for the identification of calligraphy and painting. Calligraphy and painting description books can be divided into court collection and private collection description. The description books of the past dynasties must be divided into two parts. The specific analysis must not be blindly followed, because there are many fake works based on the description.
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