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First, we should look for good partners, that is, merchants who buy calligraphy and painting. When we buy calligraphy and painting, we suggest that we cooperate with some large companies, because there are too many places where calligraphy and painting can be forged. If it is a small workshop or individual, it is difficult to ensure that the calligraphy and painting we buy are authentic. Of course, if there are few local formal companies, you can also switch to the Internet. Many famous calligraphy and painting sales companies also have official home pages on the Internet. You can understand the situation and market of the company's calligraphy and painting through the Internet. If you are interested, you can go to the company to see what it is and buy it directly if you like. Some companies also support online transactions, so if you like any works, Tonggu online banking and express can complete a calligraphy and painting acquisition and transaction at home, which is very convenient.
Second, we should make a rough appraisal of the calligraphy and painting we buy. Before you buy calligraphy and painting, I hope you can have a general understanding of the price of this work and the market situation in the future. At this time, you can only make your own general estimation. After all, the price spoken by the merchant must be greater than the skill value of this painting, except for a few sellers who don't understand it, but this rarely happens. After the acquisition of calligraphy and painting, and after a period of time, you want to know how much the works in your hand are worth. In this case, if you want to evaluate, you can ask people in the industry for help. If it is the works of contemporary artists, the share price is still more accurate. The purpose of valuing calligraphy and painting is to understand their value and to make a successful investment.
Third, it is to find a suitable time to sell the purchased calligraphy and painting, which is a very important link in the acquisition of calligraphy and painting. Calligraphy and painting should not stay in hand for too long, preferably not more than ten years. Two or three years is appropriate. Although the calligraphy and painting acquisition market is bullish and the situation is very good, the economic situation is unpredictable. Sometimes, the calligraphy and painting market will be very depressed. If there is no spare money, you need to sell some of your works. But once you decide to sell, it's easier.
Fourth, the preservation of calligraphy and painting. The cleaning and repair of calligraphy and painting are also very important in the preservation of calligraphy and painting. Of course, if you have just started the acquisition of calligraphy and painting, the general sellers will prompt you with these messages. Some knowledge also needs your long-term accumulation. Take the cleaning of calligraphy and painting for example. Calligraphy and painting can not be stained with water. If stained with water, it is difficult to clean, and the handwriting is easy to faint. When cleaning, you can use a brush or horsetail to gently sweep the surface of calligraphy and painting to remove the floating ash. Don't use too much force, otherwise it will cause certain damage to calligraphy and painting over a long time. In addition, if you hang calligraphy and paintings in the house, you can't open windows in windy days. Windy winds will damage calligraphy and paintings to a certain extent.
These are the highlights of the acquisition of celebrity calligraphy and painting. For more highlights, please click: http://www.jinandayatang.com We will have more wonderful content for you to check later