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The preservation of calligraphy and painting is an important link in the collection of calligraphy and painting. If the value of famous calligraphies and paintings collected by us at all costs is greatly reduced due to improper preservation, it will cause great losses. Therefore, it is suggested that friends who collect calligraphy and painting should pay attention to the preservation of calligraphy and painting from the following aspects:
1. Books and paintings that are not mounted for the time being cannot be folded and stacked casually, otherwise they will break from the fold or leave black creases at the fold after being stored for a long time, which will affect the beauty after mounting. If you want to enjoy it temporarily, you must not use thumbnails or paste on the wall, otherwise it will directly damage the book and picture. The correct way to save the painting and calligraphy is to line the painting and calligraphy with a layer of rice paper or leather paper with a relatively thin width, roll up the painting and calligraphy with the paper roll as the axis, pack it with white paper or plastic film, and put it in the painting box or bookcase.
2. Painting and calligraphy should be properly stored after mounting. The storage place should first consider moisture-proof, moth-proof, rat-proof, mold-proof, tarnish-proof, etc. Each painting and calligraphy can be put into a plastic bag or cloth bag, or can be wrapped in white paper. When storing, it should be placed flat, not upright, and not put heavy objects on the painting and calligraphy to make the painting and calligraphy pressure. If conditions permit, the painting box can be prepared according to the painting and calligraphy specifications, and some camphor and hygroscopic agent can be put in the box.
3. When storing the calligraphy and painting frames, they should not be rolled too tightly or too loose, and should not be rolled back. If the roll is too tight, there will be an indentation on both sides of the head, which will affect the beauty of the painting and calligraphy, and may also lead to the deformation or falling off of the frame; If the roll is too loose, it is easy to damage the calligraphy and painting; If you reverse the scroll, you will make a series of creases in the painting and calligraphy, especially the ancient painting and calligraphy.
4. Be careful when hanging and displaying calligraphy and painting. When hanging the painting and calligraphy, you should hold the painting rope with one hand, hold the unexpanded part of the painting and calligraphy with the other hand, and then slowly release it to hang the painting and calligraphy and take down the painting hairpin. When displaying the painting and calligraphy, one person should draw the painting rope, and the other person should hold the shaft head with both hands to unfold the painting and calligraphy. Do not hold the middle part of the painting and calligraphy with both hands upward, otherwise the five fingers will scratch the painting and calligraphy. For painting and calligraphy works without shaft head, use two fingers to clamp them to make the painting pass through the fingers. In addition, it should also be noted that paintings and calligraphies should not be hung for a long time, and they should be rolled up and collected for a period of time after hanging for a period of time; The long-stored books and paintings should be hung regularly for ventilation.
5. Pay more attention to the display of scrolls and albums, because the mounting of scrolls and albums is more complex than that of other paintings. The scroll should be placed on a flat desk or table during display, and there should be no water spots or dirt on the desk or table. The hand roll should not be extended too long when it is unfolded. It should be rolled while it is unfolded. When the album is unfolded, you can use a smooth and burr-free bamboo strip inserted between the album clips to turn pages. The album is generally thick. When you start to turn the page or turn to the next few pages, there will be uneven thickness on both sides, and there will be a gap between the two pages. If you do not pay attention to pressing the gap in the middle of the page at this time, it is easy to break.
In addition, whether old or new, as long as the original frame can still be hung and the painting core is not damaged, generally do not rush to remove the frame for repair, because one removal of the frame will damage the paper element of the painting once. If the original mounted painting falls off or the painting center is seriously damaged, it should be removed and repaired in time. Come to our website for more relevant content http://www.jinandayatang.com Ask!